Aconcagua Grade

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Grade: Hardcore

These are our toughest trips. They are exceptionally strenuous, lengthy, balls-out mountain climbing expeditions.

You will need previous high mountain experience, a very high level of cardio-vascular fitness and physical and mental toughness in order to succeed. This will usually involve a programme of hard training prior to departure; running/ cycling, hill walking and gym work.

What to expect:

Long and demanding climbs to the summit, often involving 1000 meters or more of ascent followed by long descents back down the mountain. It is not unusual for the summit day to last 15 hrs or more. The terrain is often difficult, steep and icy.

Typically, you will be aiming for a summit at about 6000 meters in height. Expect to experience some of the symptoms of travel at high altitude; headaches, disturbed sleep and loss of appetite.

With high altitude comes extreme weather and conditions. Specialist equipment will be required to deal with temperatures of minus 20c (and below).

Porters and pack animals will carry equipment and provisions most of the time, you will usually carry a rucksack which is no more than 8KGs in weight, but it may be necessary to load-carry from time-to-time in order to establish camps high on the mountain.

Whilst the ascents are usually considered to be technically easy 'trekking peaks', you will usually need to be familiar with the use of crampons and ice axes. Ropes may be required for safe passage over glaciers.