Bolivia & Huyana Potosi Other things to do


There are numerous options available, here are some of the more popular climbs

Pequeño Alpamayo Climb - SW Ridge - (5370m, 2 days)

One of the most beautiful mountains in the Andes and a popular tick for alpinists. The stunning south west ridge which leads to the summit is steep, narrow not easily forgotten!

Mururata (5868m, 3 days)

Bolivias answer to Kilimanjaro. This huge, flat-topped peak offers a straight forward 'walk' to the summit.

Ilimani - SW Ridge - (6439m, 4 days)

This is THE mountain challenge in Bolivia. Illimani is the highest and southernmost peak in the Cordillera Real and one of the most beautiful and impressive groups of peaks in South America. A tough and committing climb, suitable for seasoned mountaineers.

Downhill Mountain Biking

Bolivia has some of the world's greatest mountain bike trails, the most popular of which are:

The Worlds Most Dangerous Road (1 day)

The world’s most dangerous road was once the main vehicle thoroughfare in the area, hewn from the living rock of the Andes. It's narrow tracks and vertiginous drops once claimed the lives of up to 400 motorists a year. A newer road handles the traffic today, leaving behind a paradise for the mountain biker.

The ride begins at wind-swept La Cumbre (4,700m) and descends rapidly down a twisting asphalt road among mountain peaks, grazing llamas and alpacas and into the jungle itself where we reach the most challenging part of the ride, the infamous dirt road which is cut precariously into the side of the mountain and descends 3000m past sheer drops and rock overhangs, through mist, cloud and dust to the village of Yolosa, where a cold beer awaits!

Chacaltaya to Zongo run (1 day)

Chacaltaya to Zong hill downhill run, quite possibly the greatest single day loss of altitude in the world of mountain biking. Start among the glaciers at Mount Chacaltaya at 5345m and hurtle through the high altitude desert, past stunning high mountain scenery and into the Zongo Jungle. A total descent of over 4,300m. One word. Carnage!

Jeep Safari at Salar de Uyuni

The Salar de Uyuni or 'salt flats' is one of the highlights of any trip to Bolivia and should not be missed. This multi day jeep safari takes you around the astonishing landscapes of southern Bolivia; salt flats, bright red lakes, strange rock formations, volcanoes, hotsprings and geyser fields. This area is unlike anywhere else in the world...or the known universe.

The entire area is located above 4000m in altitude, so a trip here works well for pre-climb acclimitisation.

Please note: A trip to the Salar de Uyuni is an unforgettable experience...but it's not for the faint hearted. The areas that we visit are remote, isolated and poor. The general standard of facilities and services are not very high, the accommodations and food will be basic and the driver/ guide is unlikely to speak any English


Drive over the incredible and surreal Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt desert in the world, through a surreal and awe moonscape.


The scenery changes from salt flat to mountains, volcanoes and high altitude desert. After showing your passport at Chiguana military check point we head toward 'Pasa de Leon' for fantastic views of Volcano Ollagua. The rest of the day is spent visiting lagoons and viewing mountainous landscapes including the Dali-esque "arbol de piedra" (tree of rock). You will witness flamingos feeding on the mineral rich waters of the lagoons and in the afternoon you will arrive at the rich red colored 'Laguna Colorada', where we spend the night.


Today is an early start to visit the steam shooting geysers and bubbling mud pools at sunrise. You will be glad of the heat from the steam as it gets extremely cold here before sunrise, particularly when your wearing nothing but a pair of Speedo's!

Afterwards we head towards some natural hot springs and then on to the bright green waters of Laguna Verde which are overlooked by snow capped volcanoes.

Night bus back to La Paz.