I ask you to take out individual holiday insurance against travel delays, repatriation, loss of baggage and money, mountain rescue, medical expenses, personal accident and any cancellation costs.

You should note that there are no official mountain rescue services in many of our areas of operation and that any evacuation in the event of a serious medical emergency to the nearest hospital will most likely be by land as opposed to helicopter.

Please ensure that your insurer is aware of the itinerary you are following and has agreed to cover the activities being undertaken. Make sure that you let your insurer knows which country you are traveling to, the nature of the trip, the type of terrain you will be covering and the altitude you will be ascending to.

Taking out an insurance policy prior to your expedition is compulsory and you must produce a copy of your policy before departure.
The BMC's ‘Trek insurance policy’ is one of the best around (and not too expensive). It covers you for trekking to altitudes of about 6000m on non-technical mountain routes so Kilimanjaro and Toubkal are covered.

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Snowcard Insurance also have an excellent reputation for value for money and 'no nonsense'

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There are loads of other travel-insurance companies around. Make sure you read the policy document before paying. Generally speaking, if they're not a specialist mountain sports insurance company they probably aren't up to the check the small print!