Terms & Conditions

Gorilla Mountaineering. Terms and Conditions.

The contract undertaken between you and Gorilla Mountaineering is to protect the interests of both parties. 

Gorilla Mountaineering relies on reputation. We will always try and be as fair and flexible as possible when dealing with payments and cancellations.


  • When you reserve a place on a trip, you must pay a £150 deposit. The balance of payment is due eight weeks in advance of departure.

Cancellation by you.

  • If you cancel your booking at any point after the deposit has been paid, the deposit may not be returned.
  • Cancellation of a booking less than 8 weeks before departure is liable to full payment.
  • It may, however, be possible to transfer you to another expedition or alter the dates of your intended expedition for no/minimal extra cost.
  • If you alter your booking more than 8 weeks before the start date alterations will be made, where possible, without penalty.
  • Please telephone immediately if you have to cancel or alter you plans. Confirm this in writing at the same time.
  • All or part of your liabilities as stated above may be covered by your Cancellation Insurance if your reason is one of those covered. We strongly suggest that you take-out travel/ activity when you book your trip.

Participation Statement.

  • Walking and climbing in the developing world are potentially dangerous activities that involve a risk of personal injury or death. It is a condition of booking you accept these risks and be responsible for your own actions.
  • Clients are required to act responsibly for themselves and towards others.
  • Every effort will be made to make sure you are safe, but danger cannot be completely eliminated. You may experience extreme conditions, unpredictable weather, medical problems and last minute changes to the itinerary beyond our control. In cases of serious injury it may not be possible to evacuate you to hospital quickly.
  • Trip participants are responsible for their own well-being. This includes arriving in good health and physical condition. Participants must declare all pre-existing and developing medical conditions to the leader and provide your own medication.
  • Expedition members are responsible for knowing all pre-departure information, preparing proper equipment and clothing, conforming to basic standards of personal hygiene and acting in a considerate, safe and responsible manner.
  • Consult your doctor prior to departure if you intend to bring prescription medication (such as Diamox to treat AMS or antibiotics for stomach complaints). Whilst the expedition leader may carry such medication, this is for emergency use only.
  • The expedition leader will be trained to recognise the symptoms of altitude and wilderness ailments but only your General Practitioner can prescribe appropriate medication so it is important that you bring your own.
  • Participants will obey all rules set out by the expedition leader.
  • In the event of a medical emergency or poor weather and conditions the expedition leader may make the decision to cease trekking and evacuate. Such a decision will be taken after careful consideration. It is final and not up for debate. No compensation will be provided.
  • All participants must have suitable insurance that covers rescue, medical and repatriation fees. Your insurance policy must be shown to the trip leader. Note that failure to declare pre-existing medical conditions will invalidate your insurance.
  • When making your booking it is implied and accepted that you have read and understood all these booking conditions and agree to abide by them.