Mgoun Grade

Grade: Demanding (spring, summer and autumn conditions).

Previous experience hill walking/ altitude experience is required. The summit climb is long and demanding, particularly on descent because of the undulating topography of the western ridge. Unlike Toubkal, the up hill slog doesn't end at the summit.

It's also a committing climb, with no easy retreat when the summit bid us underway because the support crew move the campsite from the Oulilmt valley to the Tarkeddit plateau. You need to be confident in your ability to deal with long days at high altitude.

What to expect:

  • Mgoun has a reputation for being windy, particularly on the western ridge.
  • Expect long trekking days, back to back. It's not unusual to spend 8 - 10 hours on the trail.
  • The route follows easy angled terrain with the odd steep section. However, crampons are required on summit day, and the scree is exhausting.
  • You are likely to spend time above the 4000m mark, and trekking at this altitude can be hard work. Expect to experience some of the symptoms cause by travel at altitude such as breathlessness and the occasional headache.
  • Pack animals will carry equipment and provisions most of the time, and you will usually carry a rucksack which is no more than 5KGs in weight.
  • Expect basic accommodation and conditions when you're not camping. Bring a sense of humour!

Grade: Demanding + (winter conditions)

  • This is suitable only for fit and experienced winter hill walkers who have experience of carrying heavy loads.
  • Snow often blocks the approach roads making access impossible, so you'll need a back-up plan.
  • Mules and porters cannot be relied on to to carry equipment from Ikkis Arous to the Tarkeddit refuge, trekkers often have to carry all of their own equipment to the refuge. This can be a tough, 8 - 10 hour slog.
  • Trekking days are longer and more arduous.
  • Snow shoes, crampons and ice axes are often required.
  • Very cold and windy conditions.