Huyhuash Circuit Grade

Grade: Demanding

These expeditions are achievable for most people, but they aren’t easy. You’ll need a good level of cardio-vascular fitness coupled with physical and mental toughness. Previous experience of mountain travel at high altitude is useful, and basic mountaineering skills are required if you want to climb Diablo Mudo at the end of the trek.

What to expect

It’s a tough trek, this. The terrain isn't technical, bit it's mostly up-hill!. Expect long and strenuous days on the trail which will be made tougher by the high altitude.

There are several high passes to cross on the route, some of which are over 5000m in height. At these kind of altitudes you can expect to experience some of the symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness such as headaches and breathlessness. You may also experience disturbed sleep the higher campsites.

With high altitude comes extreme weather and conditions. You need good clothing and camping equipment to deal with sub-zero temperatures at night. A decent sense of humour won’t go amiss, either.

Mules will carry equipment and provisions most of the time. You are only required to carry a small rucksack.

Diablo Mundo requires basic mountaineering skills and prior experience of using crampons and an ice axe. It's a tough slog to the top, involving a 4am alpine start.