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Adventure Sports - Monterray 

pico independencia

This short trip is ideal for people who want to see more of Mexico after they've topped out on Orizaba. It's based in the northern city of Monterray.

Despite it's reputation as Mexico's adventure capitol, Monterray is rarely visited by overseas tourists - this is a great opportunity to see more of the country and to get involved in the kind of adrenalin sports that wouldn't be allowed elsewhere!

Most people who travel to Monterray from Mexico City do so on an overnight coach, the journey takes 10 hrs. Those of you who are used to the National Express needn't worry. The coach network in Mexico is efficient and luxurious and we use a top-end coach with fully reclining bed-seats, televisions and wi-fi.

The Ruta Vertigo

This via ferrata route was established in 2006 in Parque La Huasteca, a national park famed for it's 600m high limestone peaks and walls. It is the largest Via Feratta line in Latin America, and it is totally AWESOME! The route climbs the highest of Huasteca's peaks, Independicia, by a series of improbable metal ladders, handholds and walkways. From the top, a 70 meter zip wire allows you to fly to Independicia's twin summit, the imaginatively named Peak XV, from where a series of abseils takes you back to ground level, in need of a stiff drink!

The highlight of the climb is a series of four aluminium ladders suspended in mid-air by steel cables which you climb facing outwards. The locals call this section “The Stairway to Heaven”.......below the ladders is 400m of fresh air, and absolutely nothing else!

Throughout the climb, an English speaking guide will be on hand to keep you safe. The route is suitable for beginners (under supervision).

Canyoning Matacanes

This is a little known but world class canyoning destination. The trip starts high in the Sierra de Santiago, from where we travel down river for 8 hours by a series of cliff jumps, abseils and under-ground caverns.

Matacanes is without doubt the most amazing of the Santiago Canyons. The incredible turquoise colour of the water, the beautiful limestone formations inside the caves and the size of the cliff jumps have given this canyon a reputation of being one of the worlds great adventure sport destinations.

You can add this trip to your Volcano Bashing Expedition any way you like. A typical programme could be:

Day 1 - 11 Mexico volcano bashing programme
Day 12 - Board overnight coach to Monterray. Departure time is usually 2100hrs.
Day 13 - Hotel transfer, Free day.
Day 14 - Via Ferrata on the Ruta Vertigo
Day 15 - Canyoning at Matacanes
Day 16 - Spare day. Board overnight coach for Mexico City
Day 17 - Arrive Mexico City. Trip ends.