Mount Meru Grade

Grade: Demanding

Mount Meru is high, it's cold, there isn't much oxygene about and it's a long slog from the highest hut. It's a demanding climb.

That said, there's no need to panic. It's achievable for most people and you don't need to have any technical mountaineering experience. What you do need is a good level of cardio-vascular fitness and the physical and mental toughness and a good sense of humour.  

Previous experience of mountain travel at high altitude isn't necessary to climb Mount Meru.

What to expect

  • The climb to Socialist Peak involves a couple of easy walking days to the highest hut then a long, tough slog of over 1000 meters of vertical ascent to the summit. There are a couple of sections of scrambling, too. A good head for heights and confidence on short, steep rock steps will be needed.
  • Expect to experience some of the symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness such as headaches and disturbed sleep.
  • With high altitude comes extreme weather and conditions. You'll be quite comfortable sleeping in the mountain huts, but it's likely to be very cold on the night time approach to the summit. 
  • Porters will carry equipment and provisions most of the time, and you will usually carry a rucksack which is no more than 5KGs in weight.