Santa Cruz Trek and Pisco Climb



The Cordillera Blanca in Peru's Parque Nacional Huascaran is the highest tropical mountain range in the world. It is the Himalaya of South America.


Despite being only 180 km long and barely 20 km wide, this section of the Andes contains almost 30 peaks over 6000m in height.  Nowhere else in the world can so many high mountains be found in such a small area. The spectacular icy peaks of Huascaran, Alpamayo, Artesonraju, Chopicalqui and many others provide a magnificent backdrop to the ice-blue glacial lakes and green meadows of the Santa Cruz valley. We trek through sub-tropical valleys to the snow line at the Punto Union Pass and take-in unparalleled views of the towering mountains.

After the trek, we travel by road to the campsite at Cebolla Pampa and then walk to the stunning Refugio Del Peru. From here we climb the Pisco (5720m), a mountain that is renowned for giving fabulous views over the range.


This programme gives excellent acclimatisation, a spare day for bad weather and a couple of short days on the run-up to the climb so that you are refreshed and ready to go.

Other peaks can be tagged onto this programme on a bespoke basis. Less-technical peaks such as Ishinca (5530m) and Urus (5420m) are excellent additions to your trip. If you'd like to spend more time in the high mountains, give me a call to discuss your options.

We start by flying to Lima, Peru’s capital city (sea level). From here, it's a rather inconvenient 8hr road journey to the mountain town of Huaraz (3100m).



Day 1. Arrive in Lima. Meet and greet at the airport. Transfer to tge bus terminal and catch the overnight coach to Huaraz.
Day 2. Free day.
Day 3. Acclimatisation hike to Laguna Churuup (4500m).
Day 4. Depart Huaraz, to the village of Cashapampa by road. Here we meet our donkeys and trekking crew. Trek for 4 hours up the Santa Cruz Valley and camp at Llama Coral
Day 5. Continue hiking up the valley for 5 - 7 hours towards the first pass of the trek (Punta Union 4750 meters). Camp before the pass near the popular Alpamayo base camp. Optional trip up to see the base camp (very spectacular setting).
Day 6. Hike up and over Punta Union and descend to about 4200 meters where another stunningly located campsite awaits. Hiking time, 6 - 7 hours
Day 7. Continue your hike to the town of Vaqueria where you’ll finish the walk and meet the transfer vehicle. Transport to the Cebollapampa Campsite.
Day 8. Load your donkeys and head up to the Refugio Del Peru at Pisco Meadow Camp (2 hours)
Day 9. Rest/ bad weather day at Pisco base camp (Meadow Camp).
Day 10. Summit Day on Pisco, 8-10 hours round trip, return to base camp for night.
Day 11. Transfer back to Huaraz. Free day.
Day 12. Transfer to bus station in Huaraz (end of services). Return to Lima, transfer to airport or hotel.