Ian Prescott, Manchester (Kilimanjaro). What a fantastic experience I have just had.  All the staff from were brilliant, very friendly and nothing was too much trouble. The 2 guides, Rafael and Mohammed walked with us from start to finish, Mohammed answered any questions we had and was very knowledgeable about our surroundings which added to the experience. The summit push was the hardest thing I have ever done, but the 'take no shit' attitude of Raf was just what I needed to get me to the top. A well organised, amazing experience that I would recommend anyone to undertake. Using the team I had you can't go wrong.
Cecelia Oakley, Chorley (Kilimanjaro). I’m glad to say another success with Gorilla Mountaineering. Climbing Kilimanjaro was a fantastic experience. The guides, porters and not forgetting the cook were all amazing and  did a fantastic job. I can say hand-on-heart this was no easy climb. After a 7 hr slog up to the summit, I was just grateful to be there.A huge thankyou  for pulling together the trip of a life time. Thanks for everything and in particular sorting out the luggage after it went astray.
Paul Hogan, Colm Gleeson, John Fennessey. Dublin, Ireland (Toubkal, Morocco) - Thanks for everything. You run a smooth, professional ship and are def focused on getting the most out of the trekking experience. We were very happy, especially with the food provided and Omar was an approachable and easy going guide. We're looking forward to the next episode.
Dave Cahill, Preston (Morocco 4000ers) - A brilliant trip!!! Can't wait for the next one!!! Well organised, great fun. Amazing places and people.
Matt Lavery, Manchester (Morocco 4000ers) - Thank you for a TOP trip to the High Atlas Mountains. Toubkal, Toubkal West, Ras, Timesguida. All 4000ers and all in the bag, then back to Marrakesh for tea and medals. Cheers again, and I'll be back for more!!!
Mark Parkinson, Manchester (Morocco 4000ers) - Thanks for a fantastic time in Morocco. All aspects of the trip exceeded my expectations, and I would be happy to recommend Gorilla Mountaineering to my friends.
Gaz Steward, Rochdale (Morocco 4000ers) - Just  an email to say how much I enjoyed my first real high altitude adventure. Food and guides were spot-on and we managed to climb three 4000 meter peaks.
Sue Redfern, Rochdale (Toubkal) - If the tought of getting sweaty, sharing a room with a load of men and giving up alcohol for a couple of days doesn't phase you then get booking. YOU WILL HAVE A BLAST!
Paul Roulston, Co. Tyrone, N. Ireland (Morocco 4000ers). Sam - many thanks for an excellent expedition to the High Atlas. Four summits followed by some R&R made for a truly memorable trip (Albeit I will have to admit to feeling somewhat scarred by the frequent and extensive levels of flatulence and male nudity).
Chris Wilson, London (Morocco 4000ers) - Thanks again. A fantastic, well organised, well led and thoroughly enjoyable jaunt up North Africa's highest mountain!
Chris Davis, Manchester (Mt Kenya, Kilimanjaro) - Hi Sam, a quick email to say thanks for making our trip to Kenya and Tanzania a memorable one. I'm looking forward to climbing with you again in the future.
John Pawsey, Rochdale (Kilimanjaro and Toubkal) - Thanks for an excellent trip to East Africa. The climb and the safari exceeded our expectations and we felt that we were in safe hands at all times. Our guides were well informed, knowledgeable and highly professional. On Kilimanjaro, Rafael did his very best to get us all to the summit by setting a slow pace, making sure that we were all well fed and hydrated and showing great concern for the welfare of the group in general. Watching the sunrise from Stella Point was an unforgettable ‘life experience’ which really made up for the misery of my first marriage.

Dom Murphy, London (Avenue of the Volcanoes, Atlas 4000ers) - I though I'd write to thank you for organising a great trip to Ecuador and to prove that, just because I 'dig ditches for a living' I'm not illiterate, despite your suggestions to the contrary.

David Keogh, Sale (Toubkal, Kilimanjaro, Avenue of the Volcanoes, Ararat) - I'm a regular with Gorilla Mountaineering, and have found all of the expeds I've been on to be well organised, well run......and always great fun. I particularly enjoyed the trip to Ecuador. Although our main objective was Cotopaxi I found the lower acclimatisation peaks to be just as enjoyable. On Iliniza Norte, we were treated to an extraordinary view over the Avenue of the Volcanoes at dawn, probably my personal high-light of the trip.
John Lang, Bury (Toubkal) - Thanks for everything, Sam. Looking forward to the next trip. Don't worry, I'll lose the skin-tight cycling trousers.
Tash Neil and Mike Brodigan, Bury (Toubkal) - Despite being a bit of a lardarse and holding the whole group up, I really enjoyed my first big climb........and might even do another one.
Mike Neil, Bury (Toubkal) - Expertly run and well led, thanks.........the Morocco crew were first class. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Gorilla Mountaineering to anyone wanting to trek in Morocco. We really enjoyed the trek and were blown away by the scenery and kindness of the locals. A great experience.
Julian Peach, Rochdale (Toubkal, Kilimanjaro) - Hi Sam, thanks for making me feel better by climbing really, really slowly. My first experience of trekking at high altitude was fantastic; largely because the trip was well organised and ran very smoothly. The guides were fantastic and you even managed to sort-out the weather. Thanks again.

Sanjay Kotegaonkar, Bolton (Kilimanjaro) - Despite your constant piss-taking (and Pete's salami) I actually quite enjoyed the trip.

Peter Bull, Haslingden (Kilimanjaro, Avenue of the Volcanoes, Toubkal, Ararat) – Sam, thanks for four (!) well run, well organised and highly enjoyable expeditions. I see you as my personal life coach and swami. You are my guide, my mentor and my port-of-call in a storm. You also climb surprising quickly for a big fatty.
Chris Greenwood, Haslingden (Toubkal) - You rock, baby. I mean, you are quite literally the coolest dude I’ve ever’ve really improved my fashion sense, too. I used to wear bright red walking socks and a Regatta pack-a-mack. Now I’ve spent so much money on Haglofs outdoor gear that I have to dress my kids at Scope and feed them tins of dog food. Thanks for everything, man.
Anna Noot, Bury (Toubkal and Avenue of the Volcanoes) - Just home from Ecuador. The trip was proper mint and I look forward to climbing with you again, after I've had a load of kids with my boyfriend……he’s a famous DJ, you know…we’ve been going out for 10 years……….10 years! How mental is that?.......proper mental……mint……fresh……Jeremy Kyle……etc

John Shippey, Brighton (Toubkal, Kilimanjaro, Ecuadors Volcanoes and Ararat) - A big thank you for a fantastic expedition to Ecuador. The whole experience was a positive one and I would recommend Gorilla Mountaineering to anyone wanting to visit the wild places of the world on foot. Topping-out on Cotopaxi, alone and in perfect weather conditions is one of the most memorable experiences of my life and worth all the effort. Peace and love, man. And free the weed.

Gaz Davis, Manchester (Mt Kenya, Kilimanjaro and Toubkal) - Any chance you can post a picture of Jo's arse on your website? Preferably with no clothes on.
Joseph Cadwallader, Manchester (Mt Kenya, Kilimanjaro) - Thought I'd send a quick email to make sure you don't put any nude photo's of me on the internet, I think the missus would get upset.
Tom Howard, Lancashire (Toubkal, Ararat and Kilimanjaro) - Hi Sam, sorry about vomiting on your boots halfway up Kili. Apart from that the climb went very smoothly and it was great to achieve a long standing goal of climbing Kilimanjaro. See you again soon.
Alex O'Farrell, London (Condoriri and Huyana Potosi) - The organisation was superb and the trip exceeded our expectations. Climbing Potosi was one of the toughest experiences of my life, but also one of the most rewarding.

Keith Royle, Manchester (Kilimanjaro, Ecuador's Volcanoes) - I have been on two Gorilla expeditions so far, and both of them have been a great success. I am an experienced UK hill walker and rock climber but before traveling to Kilimanjaro and Cotopaxi I didn’t have any experience of trekking at high altitude. I found the staff to be highly supportive and encouraging, and they really helped me break through the 5000m barrier.

Andy Fearon, Liverpool (Toubkal, Kilimanjaro) - Thanks again for (ANOTHER) highly enjoyable and successful expedition, laa.
Ross 'Wossy' Collison, Knutsford (Toubkal) - I would like to re-iterate Chris Greenwood's point. Sam is quite literally the coolest dude I have ever bumped-fists with, and possibly the best dressed man in the Andes. He is a steady hand on the tiller, my soul mate, my companion, my captain. Always a little further........
Cecelia Oakley, Chorley (Toubkal) - My first experience of trekking at high altitude was great. The team were very professional, safe and supportive. We traversed Toubkal and got to see both sides of the mountain which was great. The food was excellent too. I'll be back for Kilimanjaro!
Jess Broughton, Skye (Kilimanjaro) - It was SO amazing. I was a little sick on the way back down but was pretty much awake and concious enough to appreciate how stunning it was. Our guide (Raf) timed the climb perfectly, and we arrived on the summit just as the sun came up!
Callum Peach, Bury (Kilimanjaro) - We really enjoyed our trip to Kilimanjaro and the safari. We both felt very safe under Raf's guidance. He timed the pace perfectly so that we arrived at Uhuru Peak just as the sun came up...he also gave me a kick up the arse when I started to flag at Stella Point to make sure that I made it to the top. As for the Safari, I never knew that getting charged by a bull elephant would be such an enjoyable experience!
Rob Harper, London (Toubkal) - A great experience. Thanks.
Oliver Power, Bolton (Toubkal) - We managed it in full winter conditions with hail stones like golf balls. A brilliant experience, Fab place and people.
John Power, Bolton (Toubkal) -  Just a quick note to say thanks. We had a brilliant, full-on experience which has whetted our appetite to climb more mountains in the future.
Dunc 'The Funk' Smith, Leeds (Toubkal, Kilimanjaro, Avenue of the Volcanoes) - Thanks for a terrific year and three great trips. Gorilla Mountaineering's flexibility has been superb, allowing me to travel to parts of the world I have only read about or seen on BBC documentaries. The local mountain guides have all been fantastic and their knowledge second to none. Special thanks to Raf for timing the summit climb on Mt Meru perfectly to see the sun rise over Kilimanjaro and to Edison for a great glacier skills training session so I could summit out on the mighty Cotopaxi and see it's immense shadow cast over what seemed like half of Ecuador. These were experiences that will stay with me for the rest of my life.
Glynn, Arran and Liam Kent, Chorley (Atlas 4000ers). We had a great trip, myself and my two sons bagging four 4000ers. Top mountain guide/ cook and Marrakech was a blast. We will be back for more.
Rachel and Richard Johnson, Manchester (Toubkal) Thankyou again for helping to make our honeymoon so amazing. Mohammed the guide and Mohammed the cook were both brilliant and not having to worry about organising things ourselves made a lovely change and the Atlas mountains was a great place to spend some time. A fab trip.
Linsday White, Kent (Stok Kangri) It was the trip of a lifetime and I'm just glad I made it to the top! Thanks again for organising an excellent trip. The summit of Stok Kangri was a great place to get engaged!
Duncan Smith, Leeds (Stok Kangri) The India trip was epic, Sam. The trek itself was a tough old slog but the food was bloody outstanding, much better than most of the restaurants in Leh! Ladakh is a magical place and what a view from the top. A great experience that I would thoroughly recommend to anyone looking for a challenge.
Nathan Pawsey, Rochdale (Toubkal, Kilimanjaro, Stok Kangri, Atlas 4000ers).  A fantastic trek in the Himalayas with amazing scenery every minute of the day, this was a high altitude journey like no other.  
Robert Lawrence, Kent (Stok Kangri) Thanks for organising a great trek, Sam. It's was absolutely epic and I enjoyed every minute.
Ed McGlinchey, Manchester (Toubkal). A fabulous experiece in an unusual part of the world. Our trip was smooth and stress free.

Cathy Spencer, Manchester (Toubkal). Thanks for a fantastic trip. The whole crew worked really well together...I'm not sure which was    better, the view from the summit or Mohammad's Tajine!

Allan Murray,  Halifax (Atlas 4000ers). This was my first high altitude mountain adventure, and I cannot recommend Gorilla Mountaineering enough. The quality and experience of the company ouze from start to finish (!) with excellent mountain guides provided throughout.
Jo Fallon, Liverpool (Atlas 4000ers). Despite the misery of consistently losing at 'shit-head' and having to listen to Dom Murphy snoring every night for a week, the Atlas 4000'ers was an experience of a lifetime and I could not recommend it highly enough. Cheers to Sam, Mohammed, Ibrahim and Hussain for sorting out an amazing trip (and being able to organise good places to stay and eat when the snow changed all our plans!).
Debbie Fordham, Manchester (Atlas 4000ers & Sahara Desert Trek). Two fabulous trips that I would recommend to anyone looking for a holiday with a difference.
Timmy Yarrow, Harrogate (Mgoun). This was my first high mountain trek, and a fantastic experience. The crew overcame problems caused by deep snow and poor weather and we achieved the summit. I really can't find any fault with this trip. We had excellent food, great vehicles and fantastic guides. I will be back...and I can't wait!
Ross Hanley, Harrogate (Mgoun/ Morocco 4000ers). This was my first high altitude trek, but it most certainly won't be my last. Throughout the trip were were well looked after, nothing was too much trouble. The food in particular was excellent.
  John Reynolds OBE, Argyll, Scotland (Toubkal). I wanted to thank you for arranging our trek to Toubkal – it was fantastically well organised, and Mary, Hannah and I really enjoyed it. Seeing and talking to other groups at the Refuge du Toubkal, it was obvious that we were being very well looked after both on the mountain and off it, which was not the case for many others. From your kit list and travel advice, to the experience of our guides, Hussain and Abdul, as well as the absolutely excellent food we were provided with throughout, itwas all flawless. This was Mary and Hannah’s first high altitude summit – and they are already thinking about which one to tackle next.
Jamie Brown and Angela Davie, Argyll, Scotland (Toubkal). What an awesome experience , we were taken care of like family, I can't express the words properly how much that meant to us. Be it sweating my hoop off trekking up to the summit, or drinking tea in the forests with the guide, chef and donkey walloper. It was deffo a trip to remember. Thank you for putting together a cracking leave mate. Greatly appreciated.
  Oliver and John Power, Bolton (Kilimanjaro). Brilliant holiday and once in a lifetime experience. Looking forward to our third trip with Gorilla Mountaineering. Thanks to Sam for our pre-training, preparation advice, kit and organising all the hard stuff! Thanks also to Dennis Brendon and crew for taking us to the summit and back!  Amazing thank-you!
   Paul Campbell, Sheffield (Avenue of the Volcanoes). Great trip Sam, well organised and a fantastic set of guides
  Mike Bignall, Liverpool (Toubkal). I just wanted to say a massive thankyou for an amazing week, it is without doubt my greatest achievemet. Thanks for the support any encouragment, this was a massive part of me making it to 4000m. 
  Mark Larsen, Australia (Toubkal). An authentic and well organised mountain hike in the High Atlas. Stunning scenery and great support and encouragement to get to the top from the guides. A big thanks to Sam and everyone at Gorilla Mountaineering for an unforgettable experience in Morocco!
  Mike Kehoe, Bristol (Toubkal). Cheers for a great trip, I had a fantastic time.
   Mike Racle, Manchester (Toubkal). Climbing Toubkal was a fantastic and memorable experience. Thanks for making things run so smoothly.
  Gaz Stewart, Oxford (Mgoun). A fabulous second visit to the Atlas mountains. Despite the long distances, remote locations and difficult logistics, everything ran like clockwork and Hussain was an excellent guide.
  Duncan Smith, Leeds (Mgoun). Thats my 5th trip with Gorilla....half way to a free t-shirt!! The Mgoun trip was as smoothly as all of the others. Fantastic climb, great company and excellent food. What more can I say?